Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bangsar Seafood Garden

Sunday, June 3, 2007
Last week, i joined a bunch of colleagues to makan dinner. So, we all head to Bangsar Seafood Garden cos there got Promotion "Eat All You Can" at RM38.++ per pax.
So leh, we tot it a good deal...n go there lor. In 3 cars, we chut fart!!!!
After 40 minutes of driving, zig zagging thru the traffic rushhour, we finally arrive!!!!

TING!!!(sound of lift door opening) This is what greeted us at the main entrance!!!!

WARAO!!! u all see the BIG!!! i wan to talk to my colik also must shout leh....really khua jeong la the table...

while they discussing what to food to order, this is what we ate to garu our itchy teeths. Lol. It is anchovies wit groundnuts & longbeans. Very nice.
So, made our order n after waiting for 15 minutes, finally....we can start eating.

Sharkfin soup for "long hau"(cuci mulut)..kekekekeke

Super Duper fresh scallops....

This is my FAv...super BIG fish...very fresh...very tasty...we all sapu this ikan sampai menjilat

CRABS!!!!!!!! look at the size....fu-yoh....this is very strong aroma....nice n fresh.

Fresh Swimming Prawns!!!!!!!!! Yummylicious!!!! We ordered 3 times la wei...dun play play.

Fried Calamari.....Pls note..this pic is the 2nd plate...Lol..the first plate...less than 5 minutes...habis!!!!!!!! the plate is clean even b4 i can take pics.

Crispy Roast chicken...i LIKE!!!!!!!! nice nice nice nice nice....the skin so crispy, the meat so tender, JENG!!!!!!

All that seafood, must have some greens oso. Nah..AS-Pa-Ra-Gus!!!!!!!

Ini pulak is Kung Po Yue Phin. so oni. no need order this.

hmmm..if i din remember wrongly, this is the daging rusa. very nice.

Fried Tung Fan!!! DonT order this....u'll regret... full can.....but still..must end with some dessert obvious rite..Fruits lor...and

Longan with Jelly

So full till stomach wan letup jor.!!!!


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