Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wedding Dinner (Ken & Emily)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally....after the tiring Jip San Leong mission....we all go back to rest...
the Ji muizz all go "set" their

Transform!!!!!! Lol

tha men mei ma????
Jeng jeng jeng.... The newly weds!!!!!!!!

The wedding started of with a BLAST!!!!!! LoL..

and so is the dinner....come out with those Wong Fei Hung background music...all the waiters marching out in a row...

First dish - 5 Fook Lam Mun

2nd Dish - This u all shud know lor... Sup Sirip Jerung!!!!

3rd Dish - Baby Piglet

4th Dish - Prawns
5th Dish - Fish...forget take pic jor..cos kena force drink

6th Dish - Vegetarians Heaven (ekceli i duno what name)

7th Dish - Super Duper Noodles

8th Dish (also the last) - Dessert. Anyone saw they present it on the table like this b4?

So, at the end of the dinner, you'll tend to see some funny ppl doin funny things..cos....they're DRUNK!!!!!!!!!

Ok...once again...congratulations Ken & Emily. Pak Thau Dou Lou!!!


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