Thursday, June 21, 2007

Big Ear Hole / Dai Yi Loong

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Itulah akibatnya mencari Ceti/ Dai Yi Long / Loan shark...etc...

Him jai wan cin, thin kong dei dou. Thats the only reason used by the loan sharks to get back what you owe them. And if you don't, they'll come out with sorts of ways to irritate you, hurt you and the worst is....emotianally banish your life like throw paints at your house, cars whatever that can hurt you and be an eyesore to the public.

See the kancil, got pink color sprayed all over.

Please don't misunderstand as i didn't do anything foolish like borrowing from loansharks. I;m posting this to serve as a reminder. (Maybe i watch too much TVB Dramas)



wahlow eh dai yi loong so extreme de..scary man

leonard leao

These pics all in KL?? Walao...scary...wuuu...~takut~...

Yeah...nobody with a sane mind would go for dai yi loong for financial help!! Thanks for reminding...


yea...all the pics taken in KL.

better dun ever think of gettin money from those ppl.


ahlong will tear ur life apart..
think of ur love one..

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