Friday, June 15, 2007

A Part of our Life : LoneLiness

Friday, June 15, 2007
I can’t believe how many lonely people there are out there…Yeah, sometimes you see them practically anywhere – they are people who come from the male or female gender.

Sitting at the corner of a pub, I meet frustrated, lonely and sad people. Well, I also meet happy people out for fun too. But loneliness is what draws the people out to pubs or probably boredom.

At times loneliness bugs me too. It's bugging me rite now too. It’s something that comes and goes. In spite of being surrounded by hundreds of people all over the place, drinking, eating and talking to people, sometimes I just wanna hang out with people I know well and whom I don’t have to put up a pretense or my guard up.

We came into this life with nothing and we’ll leave with nothing. But having people to talk with, share our problems and joys is something very important and adds meaning to our lives.No matter how much you have or how much you don’t have, loneliness is something that hits you and me, some time in our lives.

I find that working helps me focus and forget the loneliness that sometimes besets me. Reading some motivational book helps set my mind right on the track.A friend is good to help you on the track once you stumble but you gotta get yourself standing and keep walking. Life is not exactly heavenly but you gotta make the best out of it, I guess.

Fact is, life ain’t fair! That’s what I read from Dr Wayne Dyer’s book, Your Erroneous Zones borrowed to me by my superior.The worm gets eaten by the fish, the fish gets eaten by the bird, the bird gets eaten by bear and a man shoots the bear for fur and the man gets burned to death wearing the fur coat at the local petrol station during a freak accident in which lightning struck him.

Now, what is fairness? Is life fair for the worm? Or the fish or the man? C’mon, you can’t say animals don’t have a right to live, can you?? If everything deserves to be happy – where’s the happiness in that?

For me, it all boils down to this.Purpose!We all have a purpose in life; finding it and fulfilling it is gonna make us feel satisfied. Not working in an big company or driving a sportscar. Sad but true. Who knows?

Maybe my purpose in life is to be a monk but I enjoy meat too much that I haven’t followed my true calling.I just think that there’s more to life than just work, work and work. The thing is I think that to be really happy, one has to go through some sadness. A bit of balance in everything.

So, some loneliness is also good, you’d get to appreciate your loved ones and friends more. To wrap things up, some things we think as bad, may not necessarily be so and may be something good or something that leads to good.Nothing is really good and nothing is really bad. It’s just perception.

I know this is something that i don't usually post but...hey...i do have my side of Emo.


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