Thursday, June 7, 2007

What is Dota????

Thursday, June 7, 2007
Kam kam....

If anyone of you ask me..What is Dota? Meh lei geh.... ha mi si Dota?

Then u must b a NOOB!!!!!! Lol...(been wantin to say that)

now now...let me explain to you what is other ppl wont call u NOOB! ehnimor.

DotA now owns the throne of the number one cybercafe games for few years s8 and is mainly played by pimply school kids, college dudes and even working adults. dun belif me? go to those femes cybercafe at office hours n open ur eyes BIG BIG.....sure got few addicted players dressed well in their working suit.

nah...u see..Girls oso play Dota....

You can ask them "List out all the games you have played since you are born." The answers are "dot...a, Dee-Oh-Tee-Ay, Dot-Ay, Dor-Tar, dou ta oh sta, dollta all sux, dee oh tah.. etc" Some people even claimed that they are SENT by GOD to Earth just to play DotA. Thats why their name is DotA King, DotA GOD, DotA Angel, DotA President, Datuk DotA, DotA Satan etc. Some people even cannot differentiate "Guitar" and "Dortar".

Some people worship Dota Heroes.... They buy a DotA "hero doll", put at a highly secured place inside their house, burn things for them to eat everyday just to make sure that their "Hero" protect them....

You might wonder how these people "struggle to lives" if another game had beaten Dota and totally kick Dota off in the future....hmm.. They might treat West Malaysia as the Scourge and East Malaysia as Sentinel and started to "spawn" Treants - Sarawak trees and Ghouls and send them to "enemy base" to fight....

The objective of Sentinel is to protect the "World Tree" in Mount Kinabalu while the objective of Scourge is to protect KLCC "Frozen Tower"? maybe they will dress like their beloved Hero and started to fight each other just to become beyond godlike? RoFL~! OWNING!

pls pls dun end up like me n my frens....


Ecstacy Elmo

wah, sexy punya female dota player wor...u left out uni student category leh
if Kinabalu is Sentinel, then the Scourge is winning, we are losing the trees leh...nice way of putting it, was Lol-ing

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