Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Balance

Saturday, June 23, 2007
Ever been put down by a more knowledgeable “know-it-all” person or an “arrogant-wealthy” jerk? Believe me, I met this kind of peoples alot...yes..A L O T!!!

I was just listening to a friend of mine talking and I realized all of us may have at one time or another gone through such situations in life.Some people learn and move on; some people never learn and eventually get their just rewards for their arrogance.

I don't know about you and other people but when I was a kid, my dad used to “rotan” us if we were naughty, disobedient and what-not; and I guess we turned out pretty okay. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” – I believe I read this in the Bible under the book of Proverbs.

Errr, I ain’t gonna be a priest here okay. Just quoting something out of memory.The point is childhood discipline and experiences does help us become better adjusted citizens. There are cases of child-abuse but from my life experiences and talking with a few friends of mine who are school-teachers, it appears that children these days are lacking discipline because they are not attended to at home.

I used have a dog. When I was still studying at high school, I’d take it for a walk, bath him, plays with him.But, thats all over 8 yrs ago. My dog finally rest in peace. But now, when I come back from work, I am so darn tired. I just wonder how I’d cope if I ever have a kid. How am I gonna have the time to spend with the kid.

Kids love stories. I remember how much the kids loved hearing bed-time stories from me when I'm helping out my God-mom taking care of her kids.I'll just read the stories from the book and by just looking at those glaring eyes from the innocent aces, you'll definitely won't let them down. Kids learn from stories and the moral of the stories are very important for them to shape their principles in life.

A mix of love, disciple and guidance…is important for a child’s development.Which is why when I face challenges in life, I can change for the better. I can learn from my mistakes and when I am challenged or rebuked, I can question myself to see if I have made any wrong action based on my own ulterior motives.

Some people don’t. They are stubborn and hard-headed. Despite being told otherwise, they can keep their own direction.Okay, you can argue that these people are resolute and firm and they are not wavered by circumstances. But using the ship with a stuck rudder as an analogy, I would kinda relate this people as being inflexible and just not being able to change for the better despite the truth staring in front of them.

Once I read from this kung fu master’s book and he talks about how tai-chi is good for the body because it is flexible and soft. This quality of softness and flexibility is essential and it is used to defeat ‘hard’ strokes of other more aggressive kungfu styles. My take on this is that there is a time for hardness and a time for softness. A balance must be found.

The balance is found when your conscience is clear about what you say and do.

What say you?


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