Monday, June 11, 2007


Monday, June 11, 2007
Ok siut!!!

Before Yesterdays horrible rain n flood, me headed down to SS2, Pj for dinner at Green View Restaurant, opposite the Sin Chew Jit Poh Building.

Firstly, must say thank you to my flen, Mr.Lim that treat us dinner yesterday..

I believe all of us enjoyed the dinner, the company, the tok kok session, korek past till tears come out...

This is what we are going to EAT!!!!!!!!

andulu: crab ah crab...really em hou yi si...we're having you and your friends for dinner...
crab: #$*&$%*#%^#% la...i'll harden my shell...i no scared!!!!

Our host generously ordered 3 types of Crab dishes....

Kam Heong Fry Crab

Claypot Lai Yau Crab & Fried Buns to eat together gether with the sauce....damn syok!!!!!!!

Slat Egg Yolk Fried Crab

Seafood Mee...these are superb!!!!!!!!
And Fried Rice....sori...din take pic cos already bz eating the CRABS!!!!!!!

We wait for the food for almost 45minutes....but....we only need 30 minutes to clear all the dishes....with finger lickin good style sumore...dun belif? c for urself!!!!!!

So clean....they no need wash the plates ade...


Who can guess the total bill???? cos Mr.Lim didnt tell me....

Now, feel like eating crab???



Well, just say tat the bill runs up to nearly rm400. Haha

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