Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Melaka Trip (Part 1)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Haro...this is Kapitan Jack Spallow speaking!!!!!!!!! WElkam to Melaka!!!!!!!

Since the weather so hot..we go into the Warrior Mall to wait for 2 more kataks to arrive.

So, walk walk in the mall enjoying the airkon, tiba-tiba i saw this!!!

Wei Wei, open butik oso no tell me ar....kekekeke!!!! yam yam sap sap...

Then nvm, kena tarik enter this shop...Padini....why????? u see the right side...the red kaler sign...

the 2 kataks finally arrive, n this is the first ting we saw when we step out the mall,. The fella posing maut....wkakakaka...attract customers ma...now all the trishaw motorized d...got musics sumore...dun pray pray

2nd thing i saw is this 1 eyed monster!!!! wakkakakaka
andulu: Jimi, kam kam..i take pic for u..
Jimi : kam kam...i oso take for u...
andulu : _-_"(new sign means pengsan)

warao...u all see the canon, so "dai lok" n lonnnggggggggggggggg
Then, we walk n we walk....till the Red Building street...sori la..i duno there wat name.
Then we saw this....
Jas: ei..take pic la
andulu: y take pic of this contruction site?
Jas: hah!! u duno ar? this is the..bla bla bla..historical..bla bla bla...news..
andulu: ooohhh....*snap*
That historical site is just beside this Jln Merdeka ( c the model, si beh song)

Ahh..after another few mins walk, we are at Jonker Street....

andulu: Tea anyone?

4 kataks: NO!!! We wan cendol!!!

So we go to this femes geh place for cendol n asam laksa. just look at the ppl lar!!!!

so, we 5 5 squeeze in the place n manage to grab a seat for 5 of us rite at the end....

this pic nice mou? nice rite? but akceli, the place is damn dirty...full of dust...and i wonder y so many ppl kam here eat....really sam ting wrong...

dun belip? see the light, really full of dust la wei....eyerrrrrrrrrrrrrr..yacks!!!!

Cendol wit Gula melaka....this veli the naiz!!!
andulu: y this asam laksa not sour enuff. why got prawn wan? why...why..why?allen: oi..dun ah chi ah cho...just eat!!!
K la...iTAdakKimaz!!!!!!!!!!! ngo em hak hei la

after 5 minutes!!!!!!!

Licin...kakakaka...though the asam laksa did taste weird....like got mix wit prawn mee...kakakaka

After dinner, we go uot walk again. then i buy 1 of these clocks..but no chance to use yet.(Jas, where my clock, gif me bak!!!!!!!)

saw that robot bag?? wkakaka..i wonder how girls us it...Hmmmmm

The place appeared in movie b4, forget jor wat name.

ok...Andulu was in Jonker Street!!!!
Tomolo part 2.


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