Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do Rae Garden Korean Food, Sri Hartamas

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Yesterday was raining, and my mom is lazy to cook. So, being a good son like I've always be, I brought them to have some Korean food.

Off we head to Hartamas Sqaure, where all the happening pubs, cafes and restaurants are located.

Less craps, let's see what we had.

The usual appetisers. Lots of em.

PORK!!!!!!!!! RM35 for these few pieces. But worth it. Yummylicious.

Chicken cos my sister don't eat pork. Very very tasty. The chicken is marinated in their special seasoning.

This is how it is after cooked.

Korean Pancake. RM25. Sorry for this pic as i only remembered to take the pics after eating halfway. VEry nice!

Here comes the STAR of the night. Seafood Kimchi. RM70.

Inside the pot have crabs, mussels, lalas, prawns, squids, tofu, lots n lots of veges...

The seafoods all alot..and the soup!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! jeng!!!!

Ok..i have to stop now. Feeling hungry already.



*sob sob, food again, make me hungry eayly morning... can see cannot eat..really suffer...:(


food...food...just now at other blog also food..come here also food..you all are driving my tummy crazy!


pancake nice ar ? yer... i should order pancake..!!!!

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