Wednesday, August 22, 2007

S2 Sports® Walkman® MP3 Player NW-S203F

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
So, on the very same day, after I bought the CD's from Ikano, then had lunch with friends at Sushi King, I head off to Jusco Taman Equine. Yes, very the FAR!!!!!

Not long later, I can see Jusco. Zoom zoom all the way.

I've been seraching Hi n Low for this gadget for almost 3 weeks already. Can you guys believe it? I've look at Sg.Wang, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, Times Square, KLCC, Midvalley, whatever you guys can mention, ....all NO STOCK!!!

This is what I'm searching for.

Yeap. It's the S2 Sports® Walkman® MP3 Player NW-S203F . Click on it to know more if you want.

So, I was so happy this Jusco have it. So, quickly buy it and head home.

My Precioussssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Opening the Box.

Now let's see what I get for RM350.00 (it's RM399 but got 10% discount)

From left:

1. Manual Books in a few languages

2. The Usb Cable for battery charging and file transferring

3. The mp3 player

4. Sonicstage Software

5. Armband

6. Earphone

Close Ups..

Mine is Silver coloured. Didn't like the black one. Anyway, it's only 1GB cos the 2GB got no discount. Lol!! i can die listening to the song with 1GB.

Power UP!!!!

Ok, sorry for the terrible pic quality. Nokia phone cam is lidat 1. duno why. lalalalallala....


hA'o Ha'O

wow! the 1st picture there..
wah.. dun drive too fast even it's very far


Moo Moo...
Don't drive too fast la...
Later something happen to you then what will happen to your readers?

Value the people that care about you la...
It's fast but it makes your loves one worried about you...

Bad bad Moo Moo!!
Seriously, some youngster might just follow your footstep and try to reach a higher speed and maybe the youngster will end up in accident...

Don't drive too fast...


wow!RM350 looks very worth it leh...


better buy an ipod


haohao/broken: if only i had ppl worried about me.

grace: yea..consider good deal.

ting: ipod at rm350? no rite.

yung .

AHHHHH! This is my always wanted mp3 player :( But I never can afford to own it. Sob sob...

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