Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rather Pretty Hangover

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Life is good. Life is really good right now.

It's not the kind of good that makes me deliriously happy -- that kind of happy is just obscene and only comes when you're blindcrazyrecklessly in love or when you win the lottery on the same day that you find out your worst enemy died; rather, it's the kind of good that's contained in glowing bursts of yellow and orange by a small red balloon bobbing up and down on a sea of moderate contentment, coming up slowly just as it's about to touch the water.

I'm doing well at work: finally I can be my moody, eccentric self without fear of what anyone thinks. I remember over a year ago I was too shy to even record my voice mail greeting -- now I openly (but tactfully, mind you) disagree with the CEO when I think he's wrong and choose the projects I want to do.

My self-esteem is at an all-time high and not in the arrogant, self-deluded way, but in the I-really-like-being-me-and-I-CAN-do-whatever-I-put-my-mind-to way. I've worked hard on these things -- things like focusing on developing my skills in order to achieve my professional goals, and doing so with poise and integrity and the ever vomitous mantra of loving-kindness -- and I'm seeing good results in the form of praise, easier paths, peace of mind, an overall sense of well-being and, well, happiness.

Shiat, the EMO me has overtaken the me for the day. I'm doomed!


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