Friday, June 15, 2007

The Weekly Cycle

Friday, June 15, 2007
Yo ppl!!! It’s Friday!!!

A great end to 5 days of grinding hard work and the next two days to look forward to. Yeah, somehow I always get the idea that I deserve the break and therefore I can truly enjoy it because of karma? After the hard work, then comes the rest and relaxation.

Over here, on Saturdays – it’s dress-down day.Yes, I have to work half day on Saturdays. Hmmm, the thing is I was just talking with my friend Marty who is working in this British MNC and he’s having a dress-down day today. Coming to work in jeans and t-shirt is really nice. Ever thought of the ladies coming to work in bikinis or lingerie? That’d be cool man…. I’d need my sunglasses to keep the glare from hitting my eyes.

Marty was sharing with me how his new job was, how the people and the environment was and what he actually hoped his new job would bring. After being around the corporate circus a few times, you kinda realize that working for people can give you a very comfortable living but you ain’t gonna be rich. Unless of course you start your own business.

Still being employed means that you get your annual leaves and if you save well, when you retire, you might have the odd million dollars stashed away somewhere.

Marty grinned, “My new place has 2 Osim Massage Chairs, a huge coffee machine and vending machine, a hand football game and a huge sofa for people to lounge around in the pantry area. There is even a smoking area for nicotine addicts.”

“People here seem happy but pampered I guess compared to the previous place where I worked. There we were slave driven but here people seem happy. The girls here are hot; err, compared to the industrial factory types, which we get in the outskirts. Yeah, young, vibrant and cool.” He is such an arsehole cos i'm working in a factory area.

The thing about changing jobs is that you get to see different things and meet different people. It’s exciting and the only drag is that you have to make new friends. Hang it! It’s actually a bonus actually depending on how you see things because you widen your circle of friends and you get new experiences. Sorta like corporate flings; instead of having a fling with a gal, you go fling yourself at the company… LoL!!!

Here’s to a great Friday and a Ohh-La-La-La weekend!!!!


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