Monday, July 16, 2007

Coca Restaurant, 1 Utama with Mr.Cow Special Appearance

Monday, July 16, 2007
Hello peeps,

Sorry for not updating during the weekends as I'm not feeling well after a very "geng" lunch at Coca Restaurant at 1 Utama after work on Saturday.

This is what we had on the table. 1 pot for 9 of us.

We go for the Premium Buffet set which is RM38++ per pax. Well, i got no problem with it staff treat me ....LOL!!!! makan oni lar...

We started with some Thai salad and Fried Rice. As I don't wont to get any karma, so I tell you all, the thai salad is actually chicken leg skin and the fried rice SUCKS!!!!!

Lol...let's continue....

But I must really praised the wiaters there...they are all very attentive and a smile is always on their face. (Which make me thinks something fishy going on.)

example 1:

Waiter : nyek nyek nyek, these ppl so stupid, come here eat buffet, si beh expensive also kam.

example 2:

Waiter : this ppl order so much, later i "ptui" some precious into the food let them eat...

You all know la...that kinda feeling....

Anyway, we continue with the pics.

Sirloin Steak strips...JENG!!!!!

Tiger Prawns...very the fresh...we ordered almost 10 plates of 5 prawns..JENG JENG!!!!!

Mushroom Fishball...special...i first time eat...JENG JENG JENG!!!!

The prawns are all very fairly big sized...and it makes the whoel soup so damn sweet.... Flower crabs oso...i din eat crab that day..but all my other coliks sapu...


Very very nice, the enviroment is clean, air conditioned. So, the price they charge is slightly expensive than outside steamboat restaurants....

But, the amount of food we ate that day, really berbaloi!!!!!

Then hor, after eat full full, we go walk around to digest. Guess what I saw!!!!!

....scrolll down sumore lar

exercise sumore.

okla...okla....reach jor...

I saw Mr. COW on my header!!!!! Ya la..the Moo Moo la...COW..Lembu...un?

andulu: OI!!! OI!!! Mr.COW!!! (cis...buat tak dengar)

andulu: wakakaka.....tak dapat masuk!!!!

Mr.Cow: -_-"

andulu : Kam la...dun shy shy..let take pikchas!!!!!!!!

Coliks : We also wan!!!!!!!!

So, there they are... you all...hungry mou?!!!



i was there in 1 U wif my family....
haha.....but i get to see the cow woh...
i missed the cow in action.


wuuu food time bring me along


poonky: to bring u...u join can la...ekkekeke

thiamhin: is it?? u also saw mr.Cow? lol...damn funny


hahah so coincidence arh~ can get the cow~~ btw, the steamboat look tasty arh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( i wan i wan~

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