Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am FAT!!! (18SX)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
"I am FAT!!!"

That’s what I heard from Yuki (name changed for protection) at the office. And that’s from a girl who’s so skinny that she’d make the professional models cry in turn "I am too FAT!"

Crazy huh? But there must be some logic or rationale in why skinny women keep telling people they wanna get thinner. I asked them, "Where is the fat? I can’t see it." "It’s there, hidden by the clothes", she replied in embarrassed exasperation.

"Well, I can’t see it. But if you want my opinion, well you’re perfect and I think you look hot. Still, if you want to be sure, I can check it out by touching you all over and check for excess fat. Alternatively, if you don’t like to be touched, you could strip nude and just let me look. I’ll tell you if you are fat or not…" LoL!!!

Yeah, I would have loved that man. Observing women and talking to them, you will find that ladies are very meticulous and particular on their looks. A little bit of excess flesh on the arms, a tiny bulge on the waist, some added padding at the thighs and an ample-apple shaped bum and she’ll start saying I gotta lose weight even though the rest of the body looks like a 'stickman’s skeleton'.

Take Yuki for instance. She’s skinny all over and I was cracking my head, "Where the hell is the fat she is moaning about???" Looking her up and down, sideways and inversely, I finally saw what she meant but hell, I don’t think that’s fat. She was complaining about her big ass. Hell, Beyonce and JLO has big asses and I knew lots of men fantasizing them even more…

A big ASS is nature’s “shock absorbers” – they are useful when u sit down and when the guy is "doing" you hard a.k.a doggie style. You don’t want to have a crumpled or crushed ass when your man is happily humping you deliriously only to find that he has to rush you to the hospital because in his ardent thrusting, he accidentally broke your hips or whatever. And a big ASS is nature’s handle bars – you get to hold on to the gal’s ass when she’s riding you. Ain’t that a beauty – a BIG ASS!

So ladies, I know you gals wanna be perfect but just to let you know. We guys love you as you are. Besides, how many guys you meet around town that is perfect? Lots of guys are fat, skinny, with beer tanks or spare tyres around their chest. Hmmm, also this – PERFECT Bodied Guys usually are GAY. What’s the point of having a cake and not eat it, rite?

The conclusion is you don’t have to be in perfect shape to be desired by us horny wolves and sometimes BIG is BEAUTIFUL and USEFUL. A BIG ASS serves a natural purpose.

Bum-bum…. Feels so Good!!!



its lucky to have a guy like you okie
some guys are just anal ( some of my friends )
i dont know why they are just into ah lians..
sigh...skinny long hair big yes flat boobs..EW !!
lulu u like?


belle: i dont un


Height how many weight how many?


regardless what shape loh, as long as stay healthy n happy lah..
no matter how macho how handsome how gorgeous how sexy how pretty still will get old will get sick n die loh..hahaha


belle: u think i laik or not?

suwan: u wan to know whose height n weight?

jo: omg...so true...

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