Friday, July 13, 2007

Knowing the Good from the Bad

Friday, July 13, 2007
I was talking to a dear friend the other day and she was kinda distraught over her life as a mother and wife to a "bum" who didn't work and lazed whole day at home. Besides contributing considerably to the household income, she also did the household chores and took care of the children after work. Her children are with the daycare center in the daytime.

I listened with compassion and just let her share her disappointments. I didn't say much except to express that I am her friend regardless. It’s times like this I realize that to lend an understanding ear is better than to dispense with unasked for advice. Besides, she is a matured person and all. Her plight actually reminded me of some ancient oriental wisdom which I have read from about how one can understand or appreciate something more when you have actually seen the opposite side of it.

In my life, I get to know some people who are very rich, born rich but later in life became bankrupt because they know how to spend, waste but don't know how to make the money. They did not understand or appreciate the value of money.

I believe in Karma. What you do will come back to you... Do good and receive good. And I also believe that when one suffers in life, there will be joy later on. It's like both sides of a coin. You just can't avoid it.

I enjoy eating most when I am hungry.who doesn't? I enjoy friendship most when I am lonely. I am happiest especially after I have gone through sadness and something happens that takes me out of that sadness.

Sometimes when I am down, I think about other people who have gone through worse states and survived. I think about the beggar with no hands, I think about the homeless and I think about the war victims in Iraq and the 911 terrorist victims.Yes, i know it's old news but who cares, as long as it reminds me of it. It makes me feel so fortunate that I stop thinking about myself and start thanking God or whatever you believe in.

Yeah, even me too.So cheer up, start looking at the good things in your life. I’m sure there is if you look hard enough. At the very least, you are alive and being so, you can change your life and do something about it…


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