Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old Town Kopitiam, Cyberjaya

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Ok...snake abit in the office.....shhhhhhhhhhh

Muz update blog abit...if frenz will get angry..

Went to Cyberjaya to find a friend for yumcha. you all know la, cyberjaya wor. There got head to Old Town Kopitiam lor.

This is the place. The one n only Old Town Kopitiam at Cyberjaya la...sure wont miss it geh.

We sat behind the counter, cosy Plasma Tv on my left..i can watch TV if sien. U know la...2 girls 1 guy. I sure will get sien wan. WKAKAKAKAKA...

Nah...lagak pro sikit..took an artistic shot....kekeke...actually..juz to show u all whats on my right. There got basketball court, Futsal court oso.

Ice told me to look left again. This is what I saw. Can you all notice how to girl sitting mou? She is wearing skirt leh!!!! That nvm..we notice another thing....

Neh......her shoe ar.....still got the price tag there....wei....Cyberjaya girls like this wan ar? kekekekeke

Nvm..nvm...just busy kepohing oni...

Back to business....Order food la..apa lagi!!!!!!!!

Ice: Wei..I wan dis wan, dis wan, dis wan, dat wan, dat i wan to try la.
Jasmine: Errrr....(sei lor, i no enuff money)
Andulu: (keep quiet oni)

we ordered Xi Mut nai Cha, Old Town White Kopi and Cham. Then got order the Old Town Homemade sticky rice....taste ok la...but a bit pricey. not worth it. normal lor mai fan lo.

This is the assorted fried springroll, fried wantan n a CRAB!!!!!!! no CRAB!!!!!!!!

andulu: CRAB!!!!
jasmine: NO!!! it's a PRAWN!!!!

sorry, it an inside joke.

Since i'm a water tank, i ordered Lemon coke sumore. No coke can die wan..kekekek.

This 1....must try...the Ice Cream Toast!!!!!!!!!! very the jengz!!!!!!!!!!!

Dun belif? let u all c close up.

juz look at the ice cream, vanilla flavoured...they r quite generous wit the portion..kekeke...nice..nice...muz try!!!!

So, the 3 of us chit chat while eating....then..duno why suddenly the 2 pompuans talk like this...

i was like...."WTF"....ehniwei...then they started to complain a bit pasal itu Haagenz Daaz geh Fondue.

Well...then ok la..fine jor....then continue eating lor...

I hou sam jeok lui phek!!!! Ask nice or not oni ma...see how she reply me!!!!

Sigh....You all say la....Not fair rite they treat me like this?!!!!!!!!!

Em gung peng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh, no mood jor la now...go lunch first....Ja Ne!!!!


Sae Wei

wey.. when you took the shoe's with price tag pic..*ahem* you got ter-peep something else arr? hahahahaaa... humsup-nye


keeping price tag there maybe she could return it back if she feels that the shoes is not comfortable no more? Or at least that works pretty well in the US :P


Anyway, shout out box died ah?


saewei: err...din peep anything la...

simonso: din know ppl in US does that. yea. shoutbox problem today


wa.. i love the shoes

milky ~ pearly

wa..y u so notti cam ppl..
but the girl sit until very cho lo(indecent) la..
whr got girl wear skirt and high heel cross leg like that wan~~


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