Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something Simple

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Have anyone of you ever made 28 person had a smile on their faces at the very same time?

Have anyone of you ever tried to do something so sincere that your get the appreciation straight away with their words by saying "Thank you"?

Have anyone of you felt so happy by just looking at your friends havig a great time?

Yeah, there is something I did when I just thought of my fellow colleageus in the office when I'm having lunch with "katak" at Avenue K.

So, we head on the Secret Recipe after lunch to get this cake for them. Although it's not enough for 28 person, but those ppl are really thoughtful of each other. Everyone gets a piece, just smaller.

Yes, it's the Chocolate Indulgence. My first choice was the Peach Cake but they don't have it in a whole cake.

Thanx to "katak" for suggesting to put the words " Happy Tea Time" on the cake. It really hit their hearts.

Making everyone around you happy is really something that gives you a good feeling.



I heard that the chocolate cake at Secret Receipe is heavenly. Is this is the one that pple are talking about... :) :)

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