Monday, July 2, 2007

Thoughts on Friendship

Monday, July 2, 2007
Friendship is not all about doing everything together, thinking alike, agreeing with each other all the time.

And there are times you find it difficult to connect with the people you consider your friends. And it cast doubts whether this is really friendship or something just triggered an association at one point in your lives.

Friendship may also fade away.

There are times you feel you've outgrown people, like how I feel with some of my friends. I just find it more and more difficult to connect with them, to bring back that old camaraderie we shared before. And it saddens me to realize that I don't even miss talking to them and that it gets to be a trial to write an email that would be well appreciated and get a pleasant reply in return. It only tells me how much I have grown apart with them and it's a tragedy when these are the very people who made me grow up a lot in the past years and steered me in the direction where I am right now.

But I'm thankful for their friendship as well as the friendship of those who continue to brighten my life -- you know who you are guys. Without you, I won't even manage to smile through the tears and rise up everytime I fall down. Without you, I won't know what friendship is all about -- ultimately, it's acceptance of who the other is, no expectations.

As for those who have come and gone, it's just sad that I can't relate to you even a tiny bit as before. Just sad.


milky ~ pearly

i felt da same way..but my naiveness tells me that i can make a difference and chg the situation back to what it was



Naiveness? and you would follow what ur niaveness leads you to.

milky ~ pearly

sure..a try is better than none


a naive try? lol....that is like suicide

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