Saturday, July 7, 2007

Haagen Daaz Fondue!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007
Yes peeps....

I'm on a fondue dinner yesterday....

Well, was at One utama's Haagen Daaz for its superb smooth creamy ice creams....but's a promise of me to a special friend. So, I haf to keep my promise lor.

We ordered the Fondue...and....


Got fresh fruits, 12 balls of ice cream, if i'm not wrong, the flavours are macademia nuts, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

Yes..Yes...dip the ice cream into the melted chocolate....and dip the crushed nuts....

Well, by the faces of the girls...I know it's definitely orgasmic....Lol.

The 3 VIPs...Lol..

Hope you girls enjoyed the fondue.....and..thanx for celebrating 07/07/07 with me. Really meant alot.



my ting ting


excuse me?


jeles.. i wan fondue oso :'(

Aaron Chua

Siao man! Damn nice!
And it's midnight! I die...


lollipop: kam..i order 1 for u

aaron:u lagi siao..midnight wan fondue..kekeke

milky ~ pearly tempting and lucky you 3 babes accompany you during 07 07 07


wow. so nice the fondue... i want also!!

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