Thursday, July 12, 2007

Premature lunacy leads to indulgent lunacy

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Have you ever been so depressed that you actually kind of like being depressed? That your big roaring cry feels so good, you can't imagine anything better than sobbing and blowing your nose? That you look in the mirror and think your pink nose looks nice on you?

And then it's over and you feel like a new person, like you can blog or face your biggest fear or something.

I've indulged myself today. Had a lunch appointment with some media clients and we went to have a drink at the sort of place that forgives you when you go have a drink at 1:00 in the afternoon. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We had four shots of whisky and waters. Don't look at me like that -- blame the weather!

And while the drinks might have brought on this sudden bought of lunacy, it's been building for a while. And I do believe this lunacy is coming to an end. It has to. Although I cannot describe it or put it in a category, if I HAD to, I'd say I've just had a sort of breakdown -- the kind that everyone needs once every four or five months. Mini breakdowns that literally break one down so one can build oneself up again so that one may resemble a phoenix of sorts. From our teary ashes we rise and are able to be ourselves again: normal, happy, loving, free. If one can get over the exhaustion that comes with the heaving and blowing.

P.S - Ice'T, I just hope you understands what I'm saying here. Life is full of ups n downs. So, live life happily.




i have those breakdowns once in a's necessary..otherwise i think i might go insane!

um..about the drinks..where ar? i wan!!! =P

milky ~ pearly

huh~~ whisky in the afternoon?


u will go thru 'down' times so that u'll appreciate the happiness ur life..

be strong is the key


now now...u all dun cahne topic to the

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