Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TAG #2

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Since Taikor Bro d Ken had so much free time to create his own version of Tag, n he die die also wan to tag me, so i no choice but to give him some face n do it lor. Hope milky dun get angry cos i didn't do hers.

Ok, lets start.

1. What was the last thing you did that you pleased your parents?
Giving them their monthly allowance.

2. Do you keep long nails?
No, I don't keep any nails at all. I'm not a carpenter.

3. What makes you start blogging?
Needed a place to rant n stuffs cos I had nothing else to depend on.

4. Blog hopping is good or bad?
Good for health. It's a form of exercise.

5. How long you take to bath?
10~15 minutes

6. Whose blog you viewed before doing this tag?
Bro d ken's la, who else. must go copy this Tag ma.

7. What motivates you to go out for the outdoors the most?
The thrill of driving.

8. How long is your average SMS length?
10~12 words.

9. What you use your email for?
Of course for receivin n replyin emails la. You use email to play games meh.

10. What is your favourite snack?
All of it

11. What movie that you think that is worth for your money this year?
200 Pound Beauty

12. What would you look for when you wake up early in the morning?
My pillow cos I kungfu when I sleep.

So, Bro d Ken, glad you could know me better.


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