Monday, July 2, 2007

A Player, Not?

Monday, July 2, 2007
I was sitting with a Hongkie colleague yesterday. By the way, his name is Rick (not his real name) and he's 46. He came over Malaysia for the yearly budget meeting so we met at KimGary's at Mid Valley for lunch.

Rick is one guy who has alot of money but just can't keep his 'little Rick' in his pants. He's one guy who'll fall in love with every girl he meets. He's not stupid but just greedy. Apparently he has a wife, a full-time mistress and 2 part-time mistresses which he maintains on a monthly basis.

Sitting there and slowly enjoying our French toast and Yin Yong tea, I couldn't help but feel irritated because for such a street-smart and savvy entreprenuer, he's like a naive kid with women. Partly, it's because he's horny as hell and just too damn greedy for his own good.

That's the background of the story so far...

Rick mournfully remarked, "You know, my wife's gonna divorce me for fooling around and my mistress (who is a married woman) is seeing this Japanese bachelor guy. I feel so damn cheated because I took care of this girl and now she's out screwing around man!"

"Heck, I pay for the car, the apartment and her expenses! Despite that, she's out having a happy time with the Jap guy. What I don't understand is why she must tell me that she's seeing another guy? Can't she just lie to me or something?"

"I feel so frustrated. I see her every morning and evening. What more can she want? I am willing to divorce my wife and all. Why must she do this to me. Of course I have 2 other girls on the side, but they are just for fun. She's the one I wanna be with, you know. Err, I'm talking about my full-time mistress. Heck, it's kinda tiring having to satisfy 4 women. I've been swallowing lotsa viagra you know. The poor 'lil Rick' is really tired out and worn out man.."

Irritably, I said, "If you wanna be a player, you gotta learn to let go when the babe doesn't want you. Otherwise, you gotta be always walking around carrying your wounded heart like some heart-patient. I always thought of you as a 'fuck-addict' and I think if you're gonna be some casanova, you really can't expect the girls to treat you like someone special."

"Besides, I think one has to understand that the same way a guy can keep buying a BMW after every 3 to 5 years to keep up with the latest model, you could end-up chasing a girl every 6 mths and all; you'd never be satisfied. The way I see it, why don't you spend some quality time with your wife and just go out for fling like you used to and not fall in love?"

"Besides, you'd better slow down on the sex part, you don't want your 'lil bro' to drop off man! I think having it for fun is okay but the way you're doing it is like you're a gigolo or something man!"

We both ended up laughing our ass off and continue with more stuffs that really not that suitable to be written here. Or he'll kill me if he knows I wrote this down here.

LoL!!! Yeah, what an ass!

I think if one is gonna be a player, one should not get emotionally involved and one should not expect girls to be faithful to them especially if the guy is out bonking everything in sight!

Vice-versa, I believe each one fo us have actually involved in a relationship whole heartedly but only get hurt in the end just like some fucked up bitch that slams hardly on ur 'lil bro'...Ouch!!!! That sure hurts like hell. LoL

So, are you a player?



not rich cannot be a player~~ also not leng zai. but agree that he is naive when comes to that part, himself doesn't give commitment in love but expecting his wife/mistress to do the same? dont think they will :)


hahaha....poonky..commitments...thats like more worst than telling him to jump off a building

milky ~ pearly

he really very very (&&^^&%$^%*&&(

i duno how to say, it just crazy..i couldn't believe that there is such fella out thr..

he is a fool and he suffers back what he gave to the girls



if the cow dun wan drink water, u cant force it to drink. (cantonese)

milky ~ pearly

ya right la


hmmm...u don;t seem to

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